Anthony Hall

Volunteer & Client Services Coordinator

Anthony is a life-long resident of Fort Bend, and is married to Pat Weatherspoon-Hall.  In addition, he is a licensed Minister, local Radio Host, and Public Speaker. His life’s journey has and continues to afford him the beautiful opportunity to travel and experience the many roads of life, which allows him to intersect/cross paths/connect with so many different people.  For, he has learned that every encounter we have with another is ‘always’ beneficial, which allows us to share the ‘invaluable gift’ of ‘helping’ others.  And, in sharing this ‘invaluable gift’ of ‘helping’ others, we are also helping ourselves.  Thus, being connected with CanCare, Inc., he has afforded the beautiful opportunity to continue on his life’s journey of intersecting/crossing paths/connecting with many beautiful people, as we strive together to ‘help’ each other! “In helping others, we help ourselves, to create a better life of ‘Hope’ for all!”

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