Cancer Survivor on the Right Track to Raise Funds and Awareness for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

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In August of 2018, Bryan Waggoner was just not feeling well. He visited his gastroenterologist who ran several tests in an attempt to identify the source of his ailments. He then saw a surgeon who did exploratory surgery where it was discovered that a section of his intestine was twisted and he had a 3 cm tumor. Bryan was then diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer. They removed as much of the tumor as they could and he underwent radiation treatment until June of 2019.
Bryan’s Nurse Navigator referred him to CanCare where he was matched with his volunteer, Roman. Roman had undergone the same surgery and they had the same professional background. Bryan says Roman helped him navigate balancing his healing process while maintaining his professional career. Bryan has a PET scan scheduled for October but he says he will be “a part of the cancer world forever”. He says he feels he has been unbelievably lucky through his cancer journey and it only makes sense for him to give back. He is ready to help others and while he and Roman agreed that he is not quite ready to become a volunteer just yet, he has decided to use his love of cars to raise funds and awareness for CanCare. Bryan’s goal is to raise $5,000 to go toward our one-on-one-emotional support program for cancer patients and caregivers. He found the 24 Hours of Lemons race while in the hospital. He recently purchased 2 mustangs so he could use parts from one car to build the other car.
How it works:
Budget for cars is $500 but can go over for safety measures. The team with the most laps in 24 hours wins the race.
Crew members:
– Captain – Bryan Waggoner
– Chief Mechanic – Bob Drown
– Driver – Dale Weaver
– Driver – Jenn Carl
– Driver – Tony Kendrick
– Driver – Roy Barrow
– Driver – Oliver Haeske
– Communications/Crew – Rusty Whittington
Stay tuned for more updates on Bryan’s race which will take place November 9th & 10th. Thank you Bryan and crew for providing hope for cancer survivors and caregivers.
Click here to support Bryan’s cause and give hope to Cancer patients and caregivers today:

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