Lauren first came to CanCare as a caregiver to her younger sister who was diagnosed with cancer. Lauren says,

CanCare was instrumental in helping me discover how to walk side-by-side with my sister through her health event.

In May 2006, Lauren joined Class #38 and began providing clients with support and encouragement. She also began volunteering at CanCare’s special events, like the Annual National Cancer Survivors Day Luncheon and Annual Golf Tournament.

Every day is different. It is a joy to give back and I find it helps me grow, too, in the process,

expresses Lauren. Little did Lauren know, she would also hear those three words her sister heard almost a decade earlier.

Lauren's Story

“In October 2014, I was diagnosed with an aggressive stage III breast cancer. The verse I claimed through my cancer experience was, ‘I will live and not die to declare the works of the Lord’ (Psalms 118:17). Praise Him! Today I am alive and healthy! As someone who has been given a second chance at life, I appreciate life more and have a new found passion and feel an obligation to share what I have learned through my experience.”

Lauren describes, “On week two of my volunteer shift at CanCare, I answered the phone at the receptionist’s desk and on the other end was a lady who called to learn more about CanCare. She was hurting. As we talked, I listened and learned we were close in age, shared a similar diagnosis and experienced a similar treatment plan. It felt like it was a divine appointment.”

Lauren continues, “Since that first call, she and I have texted and talked by phone. Recently, we met in person for the first time for coffee. We discovered that we share our faith, our love for pets, and even have a few friends in common. As an added benefit, I’ve found that through encouraging my new friend and listening to her through the tough spots, I am strengthened too! Volunteering for CanCare reminds me how far I have come on my journey back to life after cancer. It stirs up my gratitude and gives me great joy. God is good!“