Ricardo's Story

During one of my many rough overnight stays at St. Lukes hospital, after receiving treatment for AML, I had a visit from a volunteer from CanCare. I had no idea at the time, didn’t even expect for someone other than my family and friends to visit me. He began telling me about the organization and what it was all about. He told me he was a cancer survivor and had gone through a similar situation to the one I was going through.

We talked for a while, he mostly listened to me as I had a lot to say and the millions of questions asked since I knew he was a cancer survivor. It made me feel like there was hope and that if he made it, I could too. I was very thankful he took the time to visit patients going through a rough time like myself. I told him,

“When I’m done with all this, I want to be a CanCare volunteer,"

and here I am, thank God. I took the training with class #60 and have been a CanCare volunteer ever since.