Hope in the Hospital

Working as a volunteer at my local hospital by offering emotional support has been a life-changing experience. I started my journey at North Cypress thinking that offering my “help” to cancer patients would be my way of giving back to the community and serve others that are just beginning their journey; however, I had no idea the blessings the Lord would put in front of me while I shared my story and reached out to give them hope. This is not a story of how I helped cancer patients; this is a story of how they helped me!!

Having the honor and privilege to freely help cancer patients in the hospital environment has made a difference in how I look at life.  I have entered rooms of patients with no hope after a diagnosis and had the opportunity to tell and show them there is always hope.  I have seen their eyes light up after explaining to them I am a 10-year survivor after the chemo, radiation, and surgeries. That hope and glimmer in their eyes are what makes it all worthwhile.

Along this journey, I have cried with loved ones, laughed with families and held hands with strangers that seemed as though they were lifelong friends.  I have had the privilege of hearing one cancer patient sing like it was Heaven opening its doors!  Fishing stories, war stories and even stories from families and their love for each other.  This is not just an opportunity for me to help others; it is an amazing ride into the lives and hearts of other people that have made a lifelong difference to me.

There have been numerous occasions when I have walked away feeling that the Lord has filled my love bank and shown me what life is all about.  It is so simple, you give and you receive 10 times more back in return!  I know and understand that is a “cliché”; but, when you learn the value of human life as you share your story, it is priceless!