Tim's Story

On one of my “lower days” during my fight to prostate cancer, a customer of my business stopped by to solicit a donation for her child’s school fundraiser. I apologized to her for my lack of energy(we had already canceled the meeting once before) as I had just returned from a radiation session. Well, at that point the entire conversation changed. She shared with me her own cancer story. And also the role that CanCare played in helping her cope with the challenges she faced.

I, being a strong male, thanked her for the information. I wished her well and told myself that I would NEVER call a support group. Not me! Well, let’s fast forward a few weeks. My situation changed, I experienced new lows and realized that I could not handle them alone. I found her business card reached out and asked for help. She immediately sprang into action. In a matter of hours I was speaking with my new best friend, Anthony Hall. Although we have never met, his voice assured me that it was going to be ok, he was there for me and CanCare would not let me go. Big words for someone who needed them.

CanCare immediately filled a void that was growing ever wider.

Neither I, nor my family, possessed the tools to fill that void. Everyone was concerned and wanted to do something for me. We just did not know what to do. That all changed when I was put in contact with Tim H, a fellow prostate cancer warrior who was going to get me through this with frank talk, a few jokes and a big dose of reality. How I needed all three at that time.

Tim played it straight. He answered questions that I was too afraid to ask. He had been there, done that, AND had the t-shirt! I honestly do not know what I would have done without him.

There were many other positives along the way. I cannot share all of our conversations, but I will say that CanCare is where I received the advice that allowed me to get back into the game of life.

And then there is Anthony. What can I say? He is psychic. He knew when I needed a phone call, a supportive voice message, someone with which to pray and just a very big set of listening ears. He has been a rock through all of this. I have friends for life. A long life.

God bless everyone who gives of their time to this wonderful organization. I wish that there was no need for this organization, but there is.