My Diagnosis

Stage II Anal Cancer

I cannot describe what it feels like to hear the words “you have cancer." All of a sudden, you are placed in this dark room and you do not know if you are going to make it out. Your family is on the other side, speaking words of encouragement but they can’t really get you out of that room. You hear their mumbled voices outside and all you can do is pray.

When I found out I had cancer, everything in life I valued no longer mattered. I worried about my dogs, family and job. What would happen if I died? Once the pathology came back, I knew I was going to be facing chemo and radiation for Stage III anal cancer. What was I going to tell people? How embarrassing! What was going to happen with my job? I was so burdened with thoughts in my head that starting treatment was a welcome escape.

Finding CanCare & Giving Back

From Client to Volunteer

A few weeks into treatment I began to have the side effects. My long hair was falling out, no appetite, sores in my mouth and radiation burns that were so painful I cannot even describe. My thinking became fuzzy and I once again began to worry I would not make it.

At this time, I contacted CanCare and spoke to a woman who had faced and won the battle I was fighting. I felt so uplifted and re-energized to continue fighting and accept what was happening.

The walls of that dark box began to break down and the light started shining in. Soon my treatment ended and I was on the road to recovery. I survived the treatment. I joined CanCare as a volunteer. I made a promise to God that I would help anyone I could if I survived. My work here is not over, I want to be a beacon of light to anyone facing this disease. I needed to heal both on the outside and inside. Since becoming a volunteer, I have helped numerous women who have faced this rare cancer. We have laughed, cried and just connected on a level that no one can understand unless you have been through this cancer.