CanCare Announces Darcie Champagne Wells Will Serve as New CanCare CEO

November 2, 2020

The Board of Directors of CanCare is pleased to announce that it has selected Darcie Champagne Wells to serve as CanCare’s Chief Executive Officer. A dynamic and experienced non-profit leader, Darcie joins CanCare after twelve years of progressive leadership roles with March of Dimes and eight years with the University of Houston. Darcie holds a management degree from Louisiana State University and an MBA from the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston. Darcie is only the third CEO in CanCare’s 30-year history.

CanCare is a mighty community of survivors who lift up and inspire cancer patients and caregivers through one-on-one support, empathy, and hope to ensure no one endures cancer alone. Our 700+ trained volunteers have survived cancer and provide other cancer patients and caregivers with personalized support through their cancer journey.

“We are very excited to welcome Darcie to CanCare. She brings a unique and impressive combination of experience, energy and passion that we are confident will help strengthen CanCare’s ability to fulfill its mission and take CanCare to the next level,” stated Larry Stuart, Chairman of CanCare’s Board of Directors. “Changes in health care delivery brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have heightened the need for the psycho-social support CanCare provides to individuals facing cancer. CanCare’s rapid transformation to connect people ‘virtually’ has allowed our volunteers to be meaningfully available and continue to provide emotional support to cancer patients during this new normal where face-to-face contact is not possible.” Under Darcie’s leadership, CanCare will continue to expand its relationships with medical providers in order to increase and enhance emotional support available to individuals with cancer and their caregivers.“I am amazed by the impact of CanCare on our friends facing cancer and I am honored to lead the organization at such a pivotal time,” Darcie shares. “Facing cancer during a pandemic only heightens the struggle for understanding and emotional support and CanCare is there to replace fear with hope. All of our lives have been or will be touched by cancer, and everyone should be able to have a survivor by their side through their cancer journey. I am proud to serve this incredible mission and guide it to even greater impact for those in need.”

About CanCare, Inc.

Since its founding in 1990 by Anne Shaw Turnage, a survivor of colon cancer, CanCare has grown into a network of trained volunteers including cancer survivors, caregivers and medical professionals who provide emotional support and cancer-related resources to thousands of people each year. Survivors of more than 75 different types of cancer are the heartbeat of the organization, providing hope, friendship and hospital visitations for those facing cancer.