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Are you a cancer survivor with a heart to help someone else find hope and strength as they face treatment? Have you cared for a friend or loved one while they received cancer treatment? Whatever brings you to CanCare, we want to welcome you into our community of survivors!

Our mission at CanCare is to ensure that anyone facing cancer has a survivor by their side. We need you – and your unique voice as a cancer survivor or cancer caregiver – to bring hope and support to someone else who may be experiencing the challenges and the emotions that accompany a cancer diagnosis. 

One on One Support Volunteers

CanCare survivor and caregiver volunteers engage in personal one-on-one virtual support with cancer patients and their caregivers. Volunteers are matched with clients by cancer type, treatment method, life stage, age, and gender. As survivors themselves, CanCare volunteers have the unique ability to relate to and empathize with clients currently undergoing their diagnosis. This bond gives clients an outlet to discuss their personal feelings and cancer experiences that might otherwise be hard to express.

Volunteer Training Dates

Our exceptional training program is lead by a combination of therapists, training specialists, and healthcare professionals. The training will provide our volunteers both the tools to sharpen their active listening skills and the opportunity to work through issues remaining from diagnosis, treatment and/ or caregiving in order to best support their clients. 


December 2-3, 2021 January 29-30, 2022 March 26-27, 2022 May 21-22, 2022 July 30-31, 2022 September 17-18, 2022 November 12-13, 2022


Dates coming in 2022

Healthcare Volunteers

CanCare has partnered with hospitals and treatment centers in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA to provide immediate, in-person volunteer services to patients and their caregivers currently undergoing medical treatment. Volunteers work in conjunction with medical staff to offer emotional support to patients, their families, and their caregivers. CanCare volunteers are available onsite to speak with patients and caregivers about questions and concerns or to simply provide reassurance and hope.

Healthcare Volunteer Process
All CanCare healthcare volunteers benefit from our comprehensive training program. They also benefit from orientation and any additional training offered by the hospital or facility in which they choose to volunteer. New volunteers then “shadow” an experienced hospital volunteer until they are comfortable with providing support to patients and caregivers. Such confidence, combined with ongoing support from CanCare helps each volunteer maintain a consistent and rewarding schedule.

Apply to become a Healthcare volunteer in Houston, TX or Atlanta, GA.

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