I’m a 24-year survivor of stage 4 ovarian cancer. As a volunteer with my diagnosis, I am able to reach out to women with the same diagnosis knowing that there are very few ovarian volunteers.

I feel that I have lived as long as I have because my works on Earth are not complete, and supporting women with ovarian cancer is one of them.

I stayed connected to one client for several years. She was always under treatment; she needed my support and I wanted to be there for her. We developed a strong bond. She was always on top of the latest treatments and research, so I was learning from her along the way too. I was thrilled that what I learned from her helped my journey through my recurrence of ovarian cancer.

To anyone thinking about seeking support from CanCare… Please contact CanCare, it’s 1-on-1 or group support with someone you can contact just about any time. As a volunteer, it is very self-fulfilling. For me, it’s allowing me to give back.

My words to pass along to anyone facing cancer… Stay as positive as you can, you burn more energy being anything else. Find that special someone you can open up to and be honest about your feelings; they probably have walked in your shoes.

Join a support group particular to your cancer. Record your visits to the doctors so you can replay and pick up on conversations you missed because you were stuck on what he/she said a few minutes ago. Take a family member or friend with you. Whatever religion or spiritual affiliation you have, pray to your God or high being. Prayers are heard and are answered.