I first reached out to CanCare while I was in treatment in 2010. A CanCare Volunteer came to my room while I was in the hospital, and she was exactly what I needed to give me hope. She had the same cancer and helped guide me through my treatment options.

CanCare has allowed me to share my journey with others who have found themselves in a similar circumstance. Only another cancer patient can understand the fear that accompanies the unknown with this disease and it’s great to help others.

A few years ago, I helped mentor a woman who was facing the exact same circumstance that I faced. She faced her fears head on and survived! She has had many more years to spend with her family and we still talk to this day.

The next special moment that comes to mind was with another patient who I was supporting during his treatments. I told him my story of using red as my power color to get me through the really tough times, which I termed ‘Positive Red Energy.’ He adopted the same mindset to battle his cancer, and even dyed his hair red.

To anyone thinking about seeking support from CanCare… CanCare is a place where people help you find peace and solace during a turbulent time in your battle with cancer. On the other hand, helping others through their battles and fears is both challenging and rewarding. As volunteers, we help patients navigate through cancer’s uncertainties.

My words to pass along to anyone facing cancer… Time and circumstances change faster and more frequently than we would like, but letting go is a way to gain control over your fears and anxieties as you face the unknown.