I am a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, and I first found out about CanCare from my mother. She had been helped by a CanCare volunteer when she had throat cancer, and I always remembered how helpful it was to her. When I was in remission with my cancer, I decided to become a volunteer and bring a bit of hope to others in my situation.

CanCare has made such a difference in my cancer journey. Sharing is calming. Exchanging stories with others helps me know I am not alone. We give each other more hope and positive thoughts. It made me realize how important the support of others is in our lives.

One of my clients lives in NYC, and for months we had shared so many laughs along with the frustrations of our journey that she wanted to meet in person during my visit there. Our visit was so special and heartwarming. We talked for hours over tea and cheesecake; it really cemented our bond even more.

To anyone thinking about seeking support from CanCare… The rewards of caring and sharing are great. I believe anyone will feel better either after being contacted by a volunteer or by becoming one. There is a special warmth that comes with showing someone that you care and providing hope. Listening is its own reward. People need to share their stories with someone who knows what they are going through. It provides relief and a renewed bit of peacefulness.

My words to pass along to anyone facing cancer… Stress is your enemy. I found ways to combat the stress, fear, and sadness through optimism and prayer. I have learned to stay positive, to be joyful, to enjoy each day. It is okay to be depressed, but only for a day. Then it's time to find something good. I began to pursue the things I enjoy more frequently. By participating in CanCare, I think others can find positivity too.