I was detected with stage 4 ovarian cancer in April 2022. I was finding it difficult to talk about my pain and trauma with my friends and family. They would not understand the extent of my physical and mental condition. Though they did comfort me, it was difficult for them to understand my feelings and pain. I started to look for places where I could talk to people suffering from a similar disease, and I came across Cancare. I attended a few emotional support online sessions and I really connected with everyone. While sharing my story in one of the sessions, I decided to provide support to other patients.

My journey with CanCare has made a significant difference in my personal journey with cancer. I found a voice to express a whole lot of emotions- my anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, and doubts. Speaking about my journey and listening to others made me realize that I am not facing this disease alone. I also learned there are treatments available, hope and life beyond the disease. We have something to look forward to. There are smiles, tears, joy, grief, and a helping hand in a crowd.

I have made the strongest bond of friendship with two patients- Sara and Dawn. We text and talk to each other every week and share every little detail of our journey. It’s like we are sisters from another parent. Once Dawn told me she was on the brink of giving up and she was able to move on with hope because of our relationship. That was the most beautiful thing someone has said about me. At this stage of my life a little appreciation does wonders for the soul. I am inspired by her bravery and courage to keep going despite so many hardships.

Sara is incredibly special too. She is creative, spiritual and a wonderful person. We share every detail of our treatment with great depth. She mentioned that sharing the way we do has made a difference in her life. Now we talk about various aspects of our lives. Both have enriched my life and put a smile on my face.

To anyone thinking about seeking support from CanCare… Do it now.... Do not contemplate. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

My words to pass along to anyone facing cancer… Firstly it’s not the end of the road. It’s a different and difficult path. We must find inner strength to embark on this journey. Longevity was never in our hands. Whether long or short, live each day as your last. Life is to be lived with zest.

Put yourself first, even selfishly at times. This disease takes every inch of you away and sometimes you don’t even recognize yourself. To return to ourselves, we must win the war we’re facing. So, give yourself love, time and care. There is nothing wrong with putting your needs first.

Lastly, share your story, you never know how a word, a phrase or a moment can inspire a new lease on life to someone.