CanCare Certifications and Accreditations

February 1, 2023

Our Accreditations

At CanCare, we focus on providing one-on-one emotional support for people facing cancer at any stage and dedicated cancer caregivers across the country. While the true value in what we do can be seen in the stories of the people we’ve helped, the hope we help foster in them and their families, and the inspiration and encouragement our cancer community is able to provide, CanCare has been recognized by multiple renowned organizations as a leading charity for people on their own personal journey with cancer.

CanCare is accredited and recognized by the following entities that assess and monitor the quality of cancer support organizations:


As the world’s largest source of information about nonprofit organizations, GuideStar rates and provides accurate and up-to-date details about nonprofits using data from the organization itself, sector partners, and the federal government. CanCare is the recipient of the Platinum Transparency accreditation for 2022.

charity navigator

As a resource for information about charitable nonprofits, Charity Navigator rates organizations on a variety of important factors, including accountability, culture, and adaptability. For the year 2022, CanCare received 100% ratings for Accountability & Finance and Leadership & Adaptability, and a 96% rating for Culture and Community.


One of the most trusted sources for valuable consumer and donor information about businesses and organizations across the country, The Better Business Bureau (BBB) analyzes the impact, reliability, and trustworthiness of nonprofits based on 20 different rating factors. As of 2022, CanCare is a BBB Accredited Charity, meeting all 20 Standards for Charity Accountability set forth by the Bureau.