How YOU Can Support Cancer Patients and Caregivers During COVID-19

May 1, 2020

While COVID-19 put many medical procedures at a halt, cancer treatment was not one of them. The mental health needs of cancer patients and caregivers have not stopped, and those needs will only continue to increase as they now face another unknown with COVID-19. CanCare is determined to continue to ensure that our community has a free of charge resource that can provide quality and timely emotional support to patients and caregivers.Now more than ever, it is important for CanCare to continue to ensure a stable, trusted and effective infrastructure to respond to the mental health needs of cancer patients and their caregivers.

Through our NEW phone support line and email support system, cancer survivors who are trained CanCare support volunteers have been able to answer calls/emails on a rolling basis from patients and caregivers seeking immediate emotional support.

We continue to work closely with our healthcare system partners. They remain to rely on our trained volunteers, now more than ever, to ensure that their patients are receiving the best possible mental health care, while they are on the front lines of the pandemic. While our volunteers are not able to visit in-person with patients and caregivers, our hospital partners are utilizing our healthcare referral form to refer patients and caregivers to us. We have seen a 100% increase in our healthcare referral requests as the need for psychosocial support for patients is in high demand.We continue to provide one-on-one matching services to match cancer patients with CanCare volunteers by cancer type, treatment method, life stage, age or gender. We have received an increase in one-on-one support inquiries and are working hard to ensure we match everyone as quickly as possible.

Help us to continue to ensure that no one endures cancer alone!

Follow the three easy steps below to start your personal fundraiser and bring hope to those facing cancer.

Click HERE create your fundraising page and set your goal.

Personalize your page with a photo and share why you are a CanCare supporter.  You can use the following language to help you get started.
“I first heard about CanCare through ____________. My CanCare experience was (share your CanCare story/experience). CanCare has made an impact for me personally by________. CanCare is so important in our community because_________. My goal is to raise $________ to provide one-on-one emotional support to cancer patients and caregivers."

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Have any questions or need help getting started? Contact Kelsey Ryan at or 618-578-7025 for more information.