CanCare in Community

By: Kris Kerlin, Director of Mission Impact

CanCare participated in the  first Aldine Community Health Fair:  His Health Matters Too that sought  to bring awareness and prevention regarding prostate cancer, hosted by  Greater Pure Life Church.   

Through the generous support of  pastor Dr. Darryl W. Broussard and organizer Amelia Day, the Health Ministry  leader for Greater Pure Light Church, pictured below, CanCare was able to  introduce many people to the services of CanCare and let the community know  that no one needs to endure cancer alone.

It’s time to be pink – with  October being breast cancer awareness month. I’m sure we all know someone  affected by breast cancer.  For me it is my aunt, my dearest two best  girlfriends, and many, many of our volunteers. Of all of our active volunteers  about 40% of them are breast cancer survivors or caregivers to someone with  breast cancer.  

This is a time of solidarity  with the sisterhood and brotherhood (yes, males do get breast cancer and we  have some volunteers and clients who are male survivors.) If you are dealing  with breast cancer, we want you to know that you are not alone.  You are  in the company of many who are eager to provide you with support. Please  reach out – no one should go through cancer alone.  If you are a  survivor and ready to give back, please join our CanCare family and be part  of the beautiful virtuous circle of giving and receiving.  We have one  last training for this year November 16-17.

To learn more about breast  cancer and the support available click HERE