June News from CanCare

CanCare Family,    

June holds a special significance in our hearts as we come    together to honor and celebrate National Cancer Survivors Month.

At CanCare, we have the privilege of witnessing cancer    survivors' remarkable strength, resilience, and determination every day.    Your stories of triumph over adversity serve as beacons of hope, inspiring    us to continue our mission of providing unwavering support to those    affected by cancer.

National Cancer Survivors Month is a time for us to reflect    on the journeys we have witnessed and the countless lives that have been    touched by our CanCare family. It is a moment to acknowledge our incredible    progress in advancing cancer care and to recognize the indomitable spirit    that fuels the fight against this disease.

To all the survivors, volunteers, caregivers, and supporters    who form the tapestry of our CanCare family, I extend my deepest gratitude.    Your dedication, compassion, and unwavering support are the heart and soul    of our organization. Your willingness to lend a listening ear, offer a    comforting embrace, and walk alongside those navigating the difficult path    of cancer is nothing short of extraordinary.

Thank you for being an integral part of the CanCare family,    for making a difference, and for reminding us all that there is strength in    unity. May this National Cancer Survivors Month be a source of inspiration    and a testament to the power of the human spirit.

With gratitude and admiration,

Darcie Champagne Wells
President and CEO
CanCare Caregiver Volunteer