Listening is an Act of Love

By: Kris Kerlin, Director of Mission Impact

In the midst of the  cancer journey, where information inundates you from all  directions – be it from your doctors, family, or friends – CanCare volunteers  extend the invaluable gift of listening.

Listening enables individuals facing cancer to navigate  not only the external barrage of information but also the internal questions,  concerns, and emotions.

The ability to hear oneself, be heard by  another, and then have one's words reflected back in a compassionate manner  can signify the distinction between dwelling in fear and progressing with  hope.

The  art of listening is something that is central to the training that we provide  to our CanCare volunteers because we know that there is  healing power in presence and attentive listening. As we listen, we come to  know more about the person speaking and their experience of their life. 

Though we share the experience of cancer,  each unique journey is a sacred path to be heard, honored and  embraced. Thank you CanCare volunteers  for showing your love through listening! Please download our handout Prove  You Heard for more ways to listen. 

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