May News from CanCare

CanCare Family,

As we prepare for the observance of Memorial Day, we lift up the brave men and women who have fought courageously for our country and thank them for the freedoms they have afforded us!

We are grateful for the freedom and privilege to dedicate our time and talents every day to serving our cancer community!

In May, we also observe Mental Health Awareness Month. CanCare is dedicated to supporting the mental and emotional health of those facing cancer by providing a survivor by their side. In this issue, we include tips on handling the emotions of cancer.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all the incredible individuals who made the 29th Annual Survivorship Luncheon this month an extraordinary success! From our generous sponsors and honorees, to our dedicated volunteers and attendees, each of you played a vital role in the success of the event and our mission to provide a survivor by the side of anyone facing cancer.

Together, we are fostering a community of strength, resilience, and HOPE. Thank you for your incredible support!

Darcie Champagne Wells

President and CEO

CanCare Caregiver Volunteer