New Year - New Ways to Fulfill our Mission – More in 2024

In this new year of 2024, we  want to serve more people, in more ways with more meaning.  We want to  grow our reach and the quality of our services. We cannot do it without your  support and involvement.  

Even though we have had  record-breaking years in serving people through 1:1 matches for the last two  years, we know we can do more. We have a goal to serve 2000 survivors and  caregivers in 2024. 

Our current volunteers have  inspired us with all they are willing to do and the enthusiasm of our 91 new  volunteers has energized us. We want to find more ways for clients and  volunteers to connect and build a true community of connection that is  meaningful for clients and volunteers. However, we don’t just want to do  more, we want what we do, to be meaningful. We want to be sure that we are  creating the kind of connections that create hope and healing and true  companionship so that no one has to experience cancer alone. 

Together, we are creating a  community of care and support.

For Volunteers: Click HERE for Tips for  interacting with your clients.

For Everyone: Click HERE for to Tips on  Coping with Cancer – Wisdom from our volunteers