Volunteer Highlight

By: Daniella  Martinez, 
Client & Volunteer  Relations Specialist

We are honored to feature CanCare Volunteer Lauren Liggett! 

Lauren provides support for CanCare clients as well as calls  recent volunteers that have been matched to see how the connection is going.  She is very active in our CanCare community and shows every day how much she  loves helping others. 

Lauren shared with us her story of how she came to CanCare…

"I first heard about CanCare from a nurse in the hospital  where I had surgery to have a port installed. She gave me a brochure which I  tucked away in case I should need it in the future. At the time that I went  through my treatments I had a good base of friends and church family that  were a big help to me. It wasn't until a few years after my treatment that I  contacted CanCare to see if I could become a volunteer.

I wish that people could know how friendly and helpful the  CanCare organization is. The staff and volunteers are genuinely interested in  helping others. It is a blessing to offer encouragement to cancer patients  and survivors. It is so satisfying to talk with a CanCare client and hear  them say, 'You are such an encouragement to me.'

Going through cancer really strengthened my faith in God. So  many people were praying for me, and I felt so loved and cared for. People  brought my family many meals as I went through my treatments. I really could  feel God's love for me as He used people to be His hands and feet in my life.  I spent a lot of time in God's word and came to understand how the joy of the  Lord was my strength. I loved to read the book of Psalms. King David battled  his enemies that he wrote of in Psalms. His words encouraged me in my battle  against cancer."

Thank you, Lauren, for going above and beyond in everything  you do!