Volunteer Spotlight

by Daniella Martinez

This April, in honor of testicular cancer awareness, we are highlighting our volunteer, Scott Ruse. He is a 24-year testicular cancer survivor who is new to the CanCare family and is always willing to take on a new client. Scott shares a little more about his background and what makes him such a special part of us.

"I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. I graduated from the University of Colorado and I am currently the Chief Financial Officer for a global forestry company managing land and manufacturing in 8 locations around the world supplying wood products globally.

When I’m not volunteering for CanCare I love spending time with their kiddos. I have a son who is a recent college graduate, a 14-year-old boy, and an 8-year-old girl. Aside from family, I love playing golf, mountain bike riding, and traveling.

I stumbled into CanCare because I had served as a client mentor for Boulder Community Hospital's Oncology wing 20 years ago and perhaps with the onset of Covid, it was heavy on my heart to again give back, support, and just be with so many that needed it. I had to wait for Covid to pull back before I could start looking around. I was drawn to CanCare by their mission and the staff dedication. That stood out to me. Just the sheer amount of love and care that comes from the entire organization. The approach that they are there to serve drives their efforts. The resources and volunteer staff bring out the best in CanCare's mission, vision, and values.

A gift that cancer gave to me was that I was able to step back and really examine who I was and who I wanted to be - personally, professionally, and spiritually. The realization that this battle was a clear reminder no one is guaranteed tomorrow. It's what you make of right now that shapes who you will be because of this journey and what powerful impact you can have with others."

Thank you Scott for all that you are and do for our clients! You are wonderful and we are lucky you are a part of the CanCare family.