Volunteer Spotlight

By: Daniella Martinez

Meet Sarah, a CanCare volunteer from Hudsonville, a small town in Western Michigan.

After attending business college in NYC, Sarah moved to Chicago and met her soulmate, Gus. Now they've made their home in Houston, TX, closer to Gus' family.

In 2012, Sarah's life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer. Fortunately, she found the support and treatment she needed at MD Anderson, one of the few medical centers in the US treating this rare disease.

Through CanCare, she was able to connect with fellow survivors who provided comfort, shared experiences, and answered her questions. Driven by her desire to help others facing the same illness, Sarah now works as a Patient Service Coordinator at MD Anderson.

In addition to volunteering with CanCare, Sarah enjoys swimming, engaging in various community services, and indulging in a good movie in her free time. Sarah believes that CanCare offers an invaluable service in today's world. The ability to connect with someone who has gone through a similar diagnosis is truly priceless, both for those facing a devastating diagnosis and for herself.

We are so grateful for Sarah and all that she has done to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by cancer!