Volunteer Spotlight

By: Daniella Martinez

Introducing Dee Manuel, a passionate Author, Speaker, and Coach hailing from Houston, TX. Dee's career focuses on empowering others, and their dedication extends beyond their professional life. When not volunteering, Dee finds joy in reading, music, traveling, and spending quality time with loved ones.   

Dee  first learned about CanCare through a dear friend who is also a volunteer.  Recognizing the importance and impact of being a volunteer, Dee wishes more  people understood the incredible honor it is to support others going through  similar trials and to provide hope and guidance.   

In the  face of adversity, cancer has bestowed upon Dee the gift of giving. Through CanCare, Dee  has discovered the immeasurable joy of giving back to others. Additionally,  Dee is an active member of the LGBTQIA community and finds fulfillment in  offering support to those who may not have the expected family support after  living as their authentic selves. With a deep love for dogs, relishing good food,  and serene walks, Dee embraces life's simple pleasures. 

Join Dee  in making a difference and spreading love and support to those in need. Let's  celebrate the power of giving and the strength of community.