What Is Emotional Support?

By: Kris Kerlin

People sometimes find it difficult to understand 'emotional support'. There are few places where we can focus on the emotional part of ourselves and fewer where we can learn about emotions, how to identify them, express them and manage them.

CanCare is a safe zone for emotions and a place where you can be as you are – mad, sad, glad, afraid, or any other emotion. Emotional support looks like listening with the heart, hearing the feelings underneath the words and extending non-judgmental empathy.

As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month this May, allow yourself to attend to the emotional part of yourself. Reach out for support, express your feelings, share them with someone who will listen and wants to understand, a CanCare volunteer. Give support, attend to feelings in yourself and others, be kind and empathetic, make yourself a safe place for someone else.

To join the CanCare family please consider becoming a volunteer. Join us for our Information Session on June 5, at 5PM Central Time to learn more about the CanCare family. Click HERE for more information!

Click HERE for a handout on 'Dealing with Emotions'.