Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

October 1, 2021

When most people think of October, they think of falling leaves, shorter days, crisp Autumn air, and the pumpkins, scarecrows, and other accoutrements of Halloween. However, if you or your family have been impacted by breast cancer, you probably know that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a great opportunity for everyone to chip in, even if they are usually unsure of how to help people fighting cancer who need support. In recent years, there's been growing momentum to combine Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness by incorporating pink decorations and ribbons into Halloween livery. In this blog, we'll talk about a few ways you can turn your spooky decorations into commemorations for Breast Cancer Awareness, too.

Breast Cancer Pumpkin Decorating

pumpkin with breast cancer decal

The easiest method of decorating your pumpkin is probably by buying a vinyl decal with a Breast Cancer ribbon or other commemoration. Decals are easy to apply and remove, and they come in a variety of shapes, lettering styles, and colors, so you can really make your pumpkin your own.

For more decoration, you can paint your pumpkin before applying the decal (white and pink are great color choices), so the decal is even more visible.

Breast Cancer commemorative decals can be great because they don't require any carving, and they can really make your porch pop in the Halloween season. Consider using them to commemorate a survivor or just to spread awareness in general!

Paint a Pumpkin Pink

painted pink pumpkin

If you're a bit more crafty and want to work on your painting skills, you can always paint a pumpkin with a design that shows trick-or-treaters how breast cancer has impacted your household.

You can also get the community involved in painting pink pumpkins, and even sell them to the neighborhood to support breast cancer research! We suggest grabbing pink and white paint, glitter, and a lot of pumpkins, which can bring everyone together and support a good cause.

Buy a Pink Pumpkin

natural pink pumpkin

In honor of breast cancer survivors, farmers have figured out how to breed pumpkins that are pink, and many of them are linked with the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation, which donates funds to breast cancer research based on sales of its Porcelain Doll F1 & Porcelain Princess F1 Pink Pumpkin Seeds.

If you'd like a pumpkin on your porch that's both beautiful and meaningful, try to find a pink pumpkin from a local farmer today.

Even if you buy a pink pumpkin, you can also donate directly to a cancer charity, such as CanCare. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can give to CanCare in reverence of  someone in your life that has been impacted by breast cancer.

Throw a Pink Halloween Party

pink halloween party

Of course, people love parties around Halloween time. You can help raise funds for all types of breast cancer research by throwing a Pink and Black Halloween Party, asking for donations, and donating directly to CanCare afterward! When you're decorating, be sure to put pink ribbons everywhere!

There are plenty of ways to get involved. However you choose to help the cause for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you'll be doing something important and helping people in the process.

Get Breast Cancer Support with CanCare

If you or someone you love has breast cancer, you might feel alone in your illness. One of CanCare's many cancer support communities in Houston, Atlanta, or Charleston can help by finding you a support match that went through or is going through the same trials and tribulations, so you won't feel alone in your diagnosis. Get the breast cancer support you need today!

CanCare has more than 200 Breast Cancer Survivor Volunteers ready to support those going through breast cancer today. Help us to support our breast cancer community by giving to CanCare.