CanCare Clients

When Ina’s husband Ron was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and had a bone marrow stem cell transplant in 2012, they struggled to find someone who had gone through that journey. They longed to talk to someone who had been down the road that lied ahead of them and could give them an idea of what to expect.One morning while in Houston Methodist Hospital for transplant, a CanCare volunteer knocked on the door.

He sat and shared with Ron and Ina about his time not just in the same hospital, but in the very same room as Ron! That day they found a new best friend in this CanCare volunteer. Ron and Ina both took a deep breath, seeing a survivor walking and sharing his story and listening to theirs. It was uplifting for both and gave them a sense of hope. Once Ron was on the road to recovery, he said he wanted to provide that same feeling of hope that their CanCare volunteer brought to them.

Now CanCare Volunteers

Together they signed up and attended the classes to become volunteers. Ina says,We met a room full of cancer survivors and caregivers on the same path to serve families experiencing a cancer diagnosis, just as we had. We have been listening, talking, and trying to encourage other people whenever we can. By God’s grace, my husband was healed of cancer, and now we can give something to others by simply encouraging them as they walk this cancer journey. I am thankful for this opportunity to listen to stories and be a voice of encouragement that I know firsthand is helpful during a challenging time for families.”

Ina and her husband Ron have been volunteers for 8 years. She is always so responsive and open to take on a client and her commitment to continue to walk alongside those battling cancer after all this time, just speaks to how selfless and caring she is.

Ina is an inspiration and we are blessed to have her as a CanCare volunteer.