Volunteer to Help People Facing Cancer

Providing a survivor by the side of anyone facing cancer.

Become a Colon Cancer Volunteer

A colon cancer diagnosis is the beginning of a journey. If you are a colon cancer survivor, you have first hand experience, you know better than most what it takes—and you are uniquely positioned to help others just beginning their Colon cancer journey.

If you’ve struggled with colon cancer and came out even stronger on the other side, you might find yourself wanting to give back. Maybe you want to pass on the lessons you’ve learned with your cancer journey. Or, maybe you were helped by a survivor when you were undergoing treatment, and you want to pay it forward. At CanCare, we can to help you do just that.

How You Can Help as a Colon Cancer Survivor

No matter your comfort level or experience with supporting people in their Colon cancer journey, there are colon cancer volunteer opportunities for you. You could volunteer your time to work directly with people who need your support the most, sharing your experiences on a one-to-one basis. If that’s not for you, our cancer support groups or similar programs may be a better fit. There are also more indirect support roles you can explore.

Colon Cancer Volunteer Opportunities

  • Share your colon cancer experience with someone who has recently been diagnosed—everyone’s cancer journey is different, but your story can provide valuable insight about what to expect.
  • Volunteer your first hand knowledge to help others with Colon cancer navigate the different aspects of life with cancer.
  • Help by driving a fellow cancer survivor to their doctor appointments and back home again.
  • Run errands for someone facing Colon cancer, like going grocery shopping, picking up meals, or providing pet care.
  • Visiting individuals with colon cancer while they’re recuperating from surgery at the hospital.
  • Participate in a colon cancer support group.
  • Take notes at a doctor’s appointment for someone facing a Colon cancer diagnosis.

If you’d rather take a more behind-the-scenes role, you could consider one of the following:

  • Distribute care packages to people undergoing treatment by volunteering with a colon cancer support network.
  • Help at a local cancer charity or event with administrative tasks.
  • Participate in a fundraiser or donate to an organization like CanCare.

Colon Cancer Volunteer Training Dates

Our team of training specialists, therapists, and staff work together to ensure that every volunteer is prepared to do a great job. The training program prepares our Colon cancer survivor volunteers by helping them process their personal cancer journey, develop listening skills, and learn how to best support their clients.

Online/Virtual Training Classes

• June 22-23
• August 5-6
• October 7-8
• November 16-17

How Much Time Do Colon Cancer Volunteers Spend with CanCare?

As a volunteer with CanCare, you decide how much time you can devote to supporting those facing Colon cancer. Our organization pairs survivor volunteers with clients recently diagnosed with Colon cancer. Our volunteers are crucial to the process, as they can provide a unique perspective and emotional support because they have experienced a similar journey.

Whatever brings you to CanCare, we’re here to welcome you to our community of Colon cancer survivor volunteers. Our mission is to ensure that anyone facing cancer has a survivor they can count on, who understands what they’re going through, and who is there for them when they need someone. If you’ve had Colon cancer and want to help, reach out to us today.

How to Become a Colon Cancer Volunteer with CanCare

When you’re ready to make a difference for someone facing Colon cancer, reach out to CanCare to see how you can help! 

We offer online/virtual training classes throughout the year to become a member of the CanCare Volunteer Survivor team.

If you want to become a Colon cancer survivor volunteer with CanCare, you are needed! Signup online, email us, call us, or attend one of our events today to be a volunteer.

See What Our Volunteers Say


“Cancer gave me the compassion to support others with cancer, to listen to and talk about life’s journey with cancer.”

Ron & Ina

"One morning while in Houston Methodist Hospital for transplant, a CanCare volunteer knocked on the door. He sat and shared with Ron and Ina about his time not just in the same hospital, but in the very same room as Ron! That day they found a new best friend in this CanCare volunteer. Ron and Ina both took a deep breath, seeing a survivor walking and sharing his story and listening to theirs. It was uplifting for both and gave them a sense of hope."


"The fact that CanCare screens and trains their volunteers and that they can match a request from a patient or caregiver looking for support within 48 hours brings me so much peace. Cancer can be a serious problem and if I can be a part of helping someone’s cancer experience be a little bit easier or lighter, I feel like my own cancer had a purpose."


"The service CanCare provides in any community cannot be measured in hours or number of people affected. The goodness that pours out from volunteers and staff is so far reaching. It is not only the client who benefits by the support, but the client’s family can see the good it does for their loved one."


"She was in a wheelchair and had just recently been diagnosed. She was slumped down in her wheelchair looking like she had lost her last friend. I introduced myself and told her that I was a stage 4 tongue cancer survivor. She got a big smile on her face, straightened up in her wheelchair, and asked, ”YOU ARE?” She was surprised. It was obvious I made a big impact on her but what she didn’t realize was how big an impact she made on me."


"I was very thankful that he took the time to visit patients goung through a rough time like myself. It made me feel like there was hope and that if he made, I could too."


"Her desire to 'give back' became stronger after she completed her treatment. Iris wanted to be available to other women who had just received news of their diagnosis. She wanted to offer hope and be a support to them."


"CanCare was instrumental in helping me discover how to walk side-by-side with my sister through her health event."


Working as a volunteer at my local hospital by offering emotional support has been a life-changing experience. I started my journey at North Cypress thinking that offering my “help” to cancer patients would be my way of giving back to the community and serve others that are just beginning their journey; however, I had no idea the blessings the Lord would put in front of me while I shared my story and reached out to give them hope. This is not a story of how I helped cancer patients; this is a story of how they helped me!!


"I contacted CanCare and spoke to a woman who had faced and won the battle I was fighting. I felt so uplifted and re-energized to continue fighting and accept what was happening."


"I now have one CanCare client that had cancer in his tonsils just like I did. When we spoke the first time, he helped me as much as I helped him. It felt good and also reminded me what I endured and overcame. CanCare keeps me focused on my health and giving back to others. Giving back is a great reward."