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Every cancer journey is unique. Your support should be too!

*If you are in need of financial support please see our resources. CanCare offers emotional support to cancer patients and their families.

Emotional Support for Prostate Cancer Patients

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Apart from non-melanoma skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among US men and has a high survival rate depending on the stage and type of prostate cancer.  With increases in medical technology we now know a lot more about prostate cancer. Early detection of prostate cancer has increased the survival rate of those with prostate cancer and treatments have become increasingly less invasive.

Trying to understand prostate cancer can be like trying to learn a new language in a foreign land, suddenly language of PSAs and androgens is part of your vocabulary. You shouldn’t have to face prostate cancer alone. The cancer support community consists of online prostate cancer support groups, support from other prostate cancer survivors, and survivorship programs and centers.

Prostate Cancer Support with CanCare

CanCare can provide a survivor by your side as you navigate your prostate cancer journey. Our prostate cancer support community at CanCare has a dynamic group of prostate cancer survivors who have been specially trained to provide support to those facing prostate cancer today. 

We have volunteers who are survivors of all prostate cancer stages. Our diverse community enables us to connect you with a survivor whose experience with cancer, stage, and treatment is similar, if not the same, as yours.  We invite you to join us by requesting to be matched with a prostate cancer survivor who will give you the support you need.

Having emotional support can have powerful effects on your cancer treatment outcomes. Connect now to get support from a prostate cancer survivor.

Prostate Cancer Support: Stories of Hope and Survival

At CanCare, we understand the power of sharing personal experiences in the journey of prostate cancer. We believe that testimonials and stories from individuals who have faced prostate cancer can provide hope, inspiration, and a sense of community to those currently going through similar challenges. Hearing about the triumphs, challenges, and lessons learned from survivors and their loved ones can help navigate the emotional and physical aspects of this disease. 

These stories serve as a reminder that no one is alone in their fight against prostate cancer and that there is hope for a brighter future. We encourage you to explore the diverse collection of prostate cancer testimonials and stories, which highlight the resilience and strength of individuals who have conquered this disease.

Caregiver Support and Guidance

At CanCare, we recognize the vital role that caregivers play in supporting their loved ones facing prostate cancer. Caring for someone with prostate cancer can be both emotionally and physically demanding. We understand the unique challenges that caregivers face and offer caregiver support and guidance to help them navigate this journey. Our dedicated caregiver support volunteers provide a safe space for caregivers to connect with others who share similar experiences, offering a sense of understanding and validation. 

Through educational resources, one-on-one prostate cancer support, and support groups, we aim to equip caregivers with the knowledge, skills, and emotional support they need to provide the best care possible. We believe that by taking care of the caregivers, we can enhance the overall well-being of both the patients and their support network. If you're a caregiver seeking guidance, connection, and a supportive community, we invite you to explore the caregiver support services available at CanCare.

Prostate Cancer Support: Addressing Psychological Impact

Prostate cancer not only affects the physical health of individuals but also has a significant psychological impact. Dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis can lead to various emotional challenges such as anxiety, fear, depression, and stress. We recognize the importance of addressing these psychological aspects and offer comprehensive prostate cancer support to help individuals cope with the emotional impact of prostate cancer. Our team of compassionate professionals, including volunteers and support group facilitators, are here to provide a safe and understanding space for individuals to express their feelings, share their experiences, and find solace in a supportive community. 

Through one-on-one supprt, online support groups, and educational resources, we aim to empower individuals with coping strategies, resilience-building techniques, and emotional support. Our goal is to ensure that no one faces the psychological impact of prostate cancer alone. If you or a loved one are seeking support in addressing the psychological effects of prostate cancer, we invite you to explore the resources and programs available at CanCare.

Prostate Cancer Support: Navigating Survivorship

The journey doesn't end with prostate cancer treatment. Navigating survivorship after prostate cancer is a unique experience that comes with its own set of challenges and uncertainties. We are here to provide support to prostate cancer survivors as they transition into this new phase of their lives. Our survivorship programs offer a range of resources and services tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals post-treatment. From survivor support groups to educational workshops, we provide a supportive environment where survivors can connect with others who have shared similar experiences. 

Our survivorship programs focus on empowering individuals to embrace life after prostate cancer, offering guidance on managing long-term side effects, fostering healthy lifestyle choices, and promoting emotional well-being. We believe in the power of survivorship and are committed to helping prostate cancer survivors thrive in their journey beyond diagnosis and treatment. If you are a prostate cancer survivor seeking guidance and support in navigating survivorship, we invite you to explore the survivorship programs and resources available at CanCare.

The Importance of Emotional Support for Prostate Cancer Survivors

Emotional support plays a crucial role in the well-being of prostate cancer survivors. Dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging. That's why we emphasize the importance of providing emotional support to prostate cancer survivors. Our dedicated team understands the unique emotional journey that comes with prostate cancer, and we offer a range of programs and services designed to address these needs. Through one-on-one prostate cancer support, support groups, and educational resources, we aim to create a safe and understanding environment where survivors can freely express their feelings, share their experiences, and find comfort in knowing they are not alone. 

Emotional support is essential in helping survivors navigate the emotional complexities that arise during their prostate cancer journey and in promoting overall well-being. If you are a prostate cancer survivor in need of emotional support, we encourage you to explore the emotional support programs and resources available at CanCare.

Online Prostate Cancer Support Groups

CanCare offers three support groups that are held online using the Zoom platform. People can join the cancer support group by using the zoom link to join by computer or tablet or they can join by phone using the dial in number for each group. To get the link and/or dial in numbers email us at groups@cancare.org.

Prostate Cancer Support Resources

Building a support network is an important part of cancer support.  We recommend starting to build your support network by requesting a prostate cancer survivor match with CanCare. 

Here are some additional prostate cancer support resources that may be of help to you:

For more helpful resources, access our more comprehensive national resource guide.

CanCare's Commitment to Providing Support

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